Virtual reality comeback – News

Sony HMZ-T2

For those of us who lived through the early 1990s era that culminated in movies like Virtuosity and hardware like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy, before the head-ache inducing tech largely faded from the public sphere, it’s hard to believe virtual reality is making a comeback.

And yet a new generation of consumer hardware is appearing with the Oculus Rift, and another offering from Sony. The latter will be revealed in 2014 and is apparently set to play a key role with PS4.

Maybe. Maybe not. Sony has already released two iterations of the HMZ head-mounted 3D display (pictured), but we’re also seeing the much-hyped 3D TV slowly receding after it failed to really capture the market, and even Nintendo is releasing a 2D version of its 3DS.

It’s hard to summarise the causes of these failures, but arguably the technology still isn’t quite there and the side-effects are off-putting. Indeed, Oculus Rift is still causing headaches and nausea despite its concurrent miraculousness. Will PS4′s VR be any different? Are people prepared to cope with feeling a bit queasy to experience virtual reality?

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